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How different are our replica phones from the originals?

Some phones are 99% like their original prototypes.They feel, look and even weight the same.You can check the picture from our website and compare with original.

What languages are available? 

Each of the mobile phone,are usually so professional foreign language phone support for 15 national languages generally,especially for english.For the specifical language you want,plz kindly contact us for the detail.

Does our phone copies work with any wireless operator?

Our phones have different band model.Dual band can work with most country network of the world.And tri-band can work with most South america country's network.Quad band can work with USA and Canada and all over the world.Quad band will be your best choice.Plz note it.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, there is 12 months on all repairs 7 days Returned.

How long does it take to ship to my country and which shipping methods are available?

It usually takes 3-7 business days to ship to any country. We use UPS, DHL, EMS etc to ship our  phones. We will advise you the method of shipping,because we know which shipping company has much better customs clearance and best delivery times for your specific country.

How can I track my package, do I get a tracking number? 
After sending the goods,we will inform our customer tracking number on the same day.please note that the express bill information will not be display at once,it will be usually available the next day.You can visit your local shipment tracking website in 12-24 hour.

Photo and in-kind same?

Of course the same,we only provide high-quality products,because a one-time consumer product will destory our business,We guarantee that with the physical picture is the same as in the display,In the display marmoter of products each model are the same in kind.We will not use some of the gorgeous photos to deceive overseas buyers

Can you give me a better price?

First of all,we are wholesale and retail parallel,We have surely different price policy for different order quantity.If you have big demand on quantity and price,contact us and let us know.We should negotiate according to your order quantity

 Return policy 

1.What conditions are acceptable for returning

We accept returning cell phones for coming with self defect or unmatched feature with former advertisement.While broken or any other damage caused by human reason from customers is not acceptable for this policy.

2.How can you return

You must use normal post or registered mail to send back the broken phones.it is no custom problem and no need to pay tax.Ortherwise we will have problem with EMS ,TNT ,FEDEX,DHL ,UPS. If the package detained by custom,or any tax need to pay.We cannot take resposibility.

3.What about the return shipping cost

For old customer and reseller , if you have new order we can send the repaired phone with your new order as free of shipping.(free for less than 2pcs,if more than 2pcs ,you also should pay the more part .)

4.What else you should pay attention to

You must write the problem of phones clearly and write your email address.And remember the IMEI number of your phone.So that we can solve the problem as soon as possible .If not , we can only wait  for you to contact us then deal with it.

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